Our story:

Bitten by the travel bug I decided to take a break and travel to 13 countries. It was then that my life took a new turn. At every stop on my trip I met people who had come together to build a beautiful and sustainable infrastructure in the remote and harsh regions of the world.  “How can I help my family and friends in the twin cities build  such eco friendly systems and facilities in  Hubballi Dharwad?” was the lingering question that stuck to me throughout my travel.

ELF was born in 2011 but the vision to create a synergy between the citizens, governance and business leaders to enable the state of the art sustainable solutions for our twin city came about after the travels.

Over the last 4+ years we have focused on projects encouraging healthy society and environment, sustainability, citizen empowerment, protecting children in need, art & creativity and education.


Connect, collaborate and enable citizens, government organizations, NGOS’s and champions to strengthen our communities, infrastructure and environment. 


Evolve Lives Foundation | Registration number : DWR-4-00188-2010-11 | 

Managing Director: Ottilie Anban  | Trustee: Mr. Kaljeet Ajri | Trustee: Sujay Kumar | Trustee: Jayadev Doddwad  | Trustee: Anand Myageri


  • City First
  • Be a catalyst/enabler
  • Positive mind-set focusing on solutions and not on what and who has gone wrong
  • Embracing all types of styles/people
  • Transparent
  • Collaboration with all the stakeholder


  • Assist E- Governance for efficiency, transparency and accountability
  • Increase Citizen participation/partnership
  • Collaboratively take up Green Initiatives
  • Improve Security and Connectivity
  • Improve Education system
  • Improve Healthcare
  • Enhance quality of life through ICT and other initiatives
  • Increase economic growth of city attracting talents, corporates to HD
  • Award and honour deserving Citizens
  • Create platforms and act as catalysts for effective Government- Citizen Interaction.


  • Enable activities/initiatives for the City
  • Enable NGO’s and institutions doing great work by being the missing link
  • Give main credit to NGO/Individuals and society by being enabler/catalyst
  • To enable synergy of effort and visibility of result


Multi- Pronged approach

Motivate, Empower and enable to collaboratively take up initiatives

  • Government
  • Citizens
  • Elected representatives
  • Media
  • Industrialists
  • Corporates
  • Ngo’s
  • Institutions
  • Religious organizations



  1. GGHD- Green Cover – Project EOPONO
  2. GGHD- Lakes-Project SOUL( Save Our Lakes)
  3. GGHD- Cleanliness, Beautification & Waste Management – Project Parivartan
  4. ICT/IOT – Project E-nabler
  5. Education – Project VSET/ On Track/iInvent
  6. Citizen Awareness – Project Samvaad
  7. Research+Development+ Innovation – Project iIHD