When we talk of women empowerment by demanding 33% reservation in parliament, we tend to forget that it will empower only a set of women. The need of the hour is ‘Real women empowerment’ to bring all women at level playing field. Though we have innumerable legislations and organizations working for women, still a strong strategy is required to curb violence against them. A newspaper recently reported that a 19 year old girl was kicked out of a train when she resisted molestation against her. Such incidents of violence against women in different forms are quite commonplace and we keep reading about them every now and then. But what punishment does Indian judiciary have for such criminal acts and is it sufficient to create deterrence is the big question. Real women empowerment is not only in providing parliamentary privileges and mere laying emphasis on women education but it’s also in creating a safe society where they can walk freely and respectfully.
Palvi V,Bengaluru